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Address: 290 Shuter St. 2nd Flr Toronto Ontario M5A1W7

Private Drug Plans
Coverage under Private Drug Plans depends on plan coverage and provider. Talk to our Pharmacist and we will assist you in navigating drug plan coverage.

Trillium Drug Program

helps people with high medication costs pay for PrEP. If you don’t have a drug plan or your plan doesn’t cover the full cost of your PrEP, you may be eligible for the Trillium Drug Program

Criteria for Provincial Coverage

OHIP+: Ontarian with Health Card and age is 24 yrs or younger.

ODB: Ontarian with Health Card and age is 65 yrs old or older
ODSP: Ontarian with Health Card and qualifies the requirements of the Ministry (thru Social Worker)
For Patients without 
Provincial Drug Coverage or Private Drug Plan
is 100% Covered under: 

Is PrEP Covered?

For Drug plan Coverage and assistance in accessing Government Programs, Our Pharmacy Team will help you navigate these programs to ensure access to care. Please click the button below to contact our pharmacy team.

Click the button for more information

Once Our Provider, writes the prescription for PrEP our partner pharmacy Shuter St. Pharmacy can deliver it to your address with no extra charge. We can provide this service within the province of Ontario. This service is to assure the safety and convenience of our patients. 


*service available within the province of Ontario please talk to our pharmacy team for more information.



TRUVADA for PrEP is a once-daily prescription medicine for adults and adolescents at risk of HIV who weigh at least 77 pounds. It helps lower the chance of getting HIV through sex. You must be HIV-negative before and while taking TRUVADA for PrEP.

• To help determine if TRUVADA for PrEP may be an option for you, talk openly with your healthcare provider about your risk for HIV-1.

Do NOT take TRUVADA for PrEP if you:
• Already have HIV-1 infection or if you do not know your HIV-1 status. (Source: Truvada Monograph by Gilead)

For adults and adolescents at risk of HIV, DESCOVY for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a once-daily prescription drug. It reduces the risk of contracting HIV through intercourse.


DESCOVY for PrEP is not suitable for all people:

It is not indicated for the person who was female at birth and is at risk of contracting HIV through vaginal intercourse.

Before and while using DESCOVY for PrEP, you must be HIV-negative.


Pharmacy Service and

Drug Coverage

Our Pharmacists will help you ensure that the prescribed medication by the healthcare provider is right for you. They are experts in reviewing all your medications and provide counseling to enhance your PrEP treatment’s efficacy.